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China made wife reveals why men lose interest in their wife

A woman revealed why men lose interest in their wives after a few years in marriage in response to the question a man asked on Twitter.

When we newly found a lover or married to someone, the thought of the relationship fading away in time to come does not show up until the reality of life sets in.

At the point when it looks like the partners are no more romantic the way they used to be, they need to apply discipline and look for a means of renewing the love on daily basis.

A woman who identified herself as Faith B. China made wife took to her Twitter page to reply to a man who asked “Why do men lose interest in their wives after a few years in marriage?

Her reply to the question appears to be the real reason why men don’t pick interest again after staying with their women after some time.

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The issue of men losing interest in women after staying with them for some time is giving many a lot of concern.

Why men lose interest in their wife

Both men and women have been asking to know the root cause of this act because it doesn’t reflect the days gone by when one cannot be comfortable without seeing his or her partner.

Faith B. revealing the cause of lack of interest in a woman after staying with her for a few years, she at the same time told those suffering from that, what they should do to keep the love on.

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She said, “People lose interest in people when stayed together for some period of time It’s called over-familiarity. That’s why there’s a need for couples to always engage in some activities that will renew their love”.

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