Outrage after Pakistan’s Imran Khan links rape to how women dress

Pakistani women activists and rights campaigners have accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of “baffling ignorance” after the cricketer-turned-politician blamed how…

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Pakistan’s first transgender-only madrasa breaks barriers

A long white shawl on her head, Rani Khan gives daily Quran lessons at Pakistan’s first transgender-only madrasa, a religious…

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Pakistan’s feminists say will persevere amid increased threats

Organisers and participants in women’s rights marches across Pakistan are facing a sustained campaign of misinformation, blasphemy allegations and threats,…

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UN sounds alarm over COVID deaths of children in South Asia

The coronavirus pandemic may have indirectly contributed to around 228,000 additional child deaths in 2020, 11,000 maternal fatalities and 3.5…

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